Our studio is moving! Stay tuned for more updates.


How do I make an appointment with your artists?

There are many ways that you can get in touch with us, depending on which ever is the most convenient for you! You can call us at 303.443.1334. You can email us at asyoulikeittattoo@gmail.com. You can reach out on our Instagram @asyoulikeittattoo. You can message our Facebook page at As You Like It Tattoo.

Do you have walk-in availability?

That depends on the artists’ availability that day, but give us a call and we can let you know!

What are your shop hours?

Our shop hours are by appointment.

Have your shop policies changed following the COVID-19 outbreak?

Yes they have. We have updated our policies to keep everyone at the shop safe.

Is your studio queer friendly?

Absolutely! We welcome all genders, sexualities, and sexes to our shop.

Can I bring my service animal?

If you require a service animal, please call us and talk on the phone before coming in.

Do you tattoo minors?

We only tattoo folks over the age of 18.

Are your inks vegan?

Yes they are!

Do you offer custom designs?

Absolutely. We will work with you to make each and every design unique to you.

Do you tattoo other people’s designs?

We occasionally do a direct copy of a design you bring in, as long as certain requirements are met. We will tattoo something you, a friend, or loved one has drawn or written, and we will tattoo a piece of artwork as long as the original artist has given express written consent for their work to be tattooed. We do not copy other people’s tattoos, so non-tattoo reference is preferable.

Do you do stick and pokes?

No. We only do tattoos using machines.

What should I know about aftercare?

You can study up right here!

Do you offer piercings or other body modifications?

We do not offer piercings or other body modifications.

Is having tattoos awesome?